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A space entirely devoid of matter.
  1. 'He suggested that in the first split second after the beginning, the vacuum of the Universe existed in a highly energetic state, as allowed by the quantum rules, but unstable.'
  2. 'Since by definition it contains no matter, the vacuum of space itself has NO temperature.'
  3. 'Just as nature is said to abhor a vacuum, it abhors true altruism.'
  4. 'Dangers in the lunar environment include radiation, extreme temperatures, and the vacuum of space.'
  5. 'The expansion of helium into a vacuum corresponds to a significant change in entropy but to a trivial change in energy.'
  6. 'Operating in the near vacuum of space, ion engines shoot out the propellant gas much faster than the jet of a chemical rocket.'
  7. 'One doesn't determine the temperature of a vacuum.'
  8. 'A vacuum, which is not spatial, that is, a vacuum which does not even contain space, does not exist, and has never existed!'
  9. 'Radiation, for example, is the only method by which internal energy can be transferred through a vacuum.'
  10. 'The absence of light, a void, a vacuum, nothingness is so extraordinary that it can only be part of the pre-creation world.'
  11. 'The partial vacuum in the chamber will cause the instrument to register, say, 35,000 feet when it is, in fact, only a few hundred feet above sea level.'
  12. 'After venting to release the vacuum, he removed the detector flange.'
  13. 'The old lamps burned in groups of nine or ten, whilst the new were in pairs and instead of burning in the air the carbon was in a chamber in which there was a partial vacuum.'
  14. 'In that sense, globalization has indeed created a huge spiritual vacuum.'
  15. 'In rural Scotland the retiral of a sitting MP always creates a vacuum which other political parties rush to fill.'
  16. 'Parliamentary elections in 2001 were easy because in 1999 it was obvious that there was a political vacuum needing to be filled in the society.'
  17. 'The vacuum created by their departure was filled by the club's most committed supporters, who set about raising money and bringing the club back from the brink.'
  18. 'The Greens hope to exploit the resulting political vacuum to take over the " balance of power " in parliament.'
  19. 'The Bill addresses a regulatory vacuum which exists at national and international levels.'
  20. 'He is already looking ahead to other ideas to fill the vacuum which was created in Ripon when it lost 800 students and an estimated £4.5m a year from the city's economy.'
  21. 'A political vacuum must be avoided at all costs.'
  22. 'A Council spokesman assured residents services would be unaffected by the political vacuum.'
  23. 'Because he has held the reins of power so tightly and for so long, there were predictions that his departure would leave a vacuum of power and generate chaos.'
A vacuum cleaner.
  1. 'A brush will remove some dust if you do not have a vacuum, but will also scatter dust around.'
  2. 'This is a combination stick and handheld (dust buster style) vacuum and is proving to be perfect for my small apartment.'
  3. 'The noise of the vacuum was entirely drowned out by the undistinguishable howls and screams of some rock singer.'
  4. 'After the surface has dried, use a vacuum to remove the powder that is created by etching.'
  5. 'Use the wand attachment on a vacuum to remove all dust.'


Clean with a vacuum cleaner.
  1. 'How long can I ignore the fact that the living room hasn't been vacuumed all week?'
  2. 'Before washing, dust or vacuum walls to remove loose soil.'
  3. 'Harriet vacuumed the carpet and dusted the living room.'
  4. 'A truck comes and vacuums out the tanks every month.'
  5. 'I was just vacuuming the floor when I found a knife between the kitchen bench and the computer desk.'
  6. 'Apparently while I've been at work my son has cleaned up the house, even vacuuming it!'
  7. 'Next thing we know he'll be vacuuming the floor and dusting the shelves.'
  8. 'Make sure that the school is vacuumed and dusted regularly, that it's routinely treated by a pest control company, and that it's completely smoke free.'
  9. 'On Saturday he vacuumed and cleaned the kitchen.'
  10. 'You avoid vacuuming the house as long as possible because your dog is afraid of the vacuum cleaner.'

More definitions

1. a space entirely devoid of matter.

2. an enclosed space from which matter, especially air, has been partially removed so that the matter or gas remaining in the space exerts less pressure than the atmosphere (opposed to plenum).

3. the state or degree of exhaustion in such an enclosed space.

4. a space not filled or occupied; emptiness; void: The loss left a vacuum in his heart.

5. a vacuum cle

More examples(as adjective)

"units can be vacuum."

"distillations can be vacuum."

"datas can be vacuum."


Mid 16th century: modern Latin, neuter of Latin vacuus ‘empty’.


in a vacuum