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A fixed holiday period between terms in universities and law courts.
  1. 'The time block of the traditional extended summer vacation is redistributed in the form of shorter breaks throughout the year.'
  2. 'This was during Christmas break, and Brent was still supposedly on vacation from school.'
  3. 'Some universities will cancel the usual summer vacations from mid-July to the end of August as part of the effort to prevent the spread of the disease.'
  4. 'Holidays and school vacations are to be shared equally.'
  5. 'The vacation period was a nightmare for many because they had to explore alternative methods of generating income.'
  6. 'As I regard this case as sufficiently important, I will come in during the vacation if there is a problem.'
  7. 'Because the Scottish courts are currently on a vacation period, only one judge will hear the appeal, instead of two.'
  8. 'I was by this time living in Cambridge, having won a scholarship to the university, and stayed with her only during my vacations.'
  9. 'I am staring a three-and-a-bit months University vacation in the face.'
  10. 'With a vacation period coming up, the magistrate put off the case until August 13.'
  11. 'When I was at home for university vacations, he would sit listening to me intently, head tilted to one side, as I poured out all the problems of an average early twenty-something.'
  12. 'people come here on vacation'
  13. 'We decided to just go on vacation and take advantage of our spring break.'
  14. 'In fact, over the holidays the mom was off on vacation for two weeks and didn't spend one of those days with her son.'
  15. 'Typically honeymooners tend to enjoy beach vacations as honeymoon destinations.'
  16. 'On vacation, I would check in with the office three or four times a day.'
  17. 'Three-day family vacation packages cost $155 per person, including activities and meals.'
  18. 'Before you leave on vacation, follow these tips and feel more secure about your home being vacant.'
  19. 'While packing, I browse through some photos and I come across some of me on vacation with a former boyfriend.'
  20. 'On vacation some people are determined to keep the cell phone charged up and ready to rip wherever they go.'
  21. 'This week is going to be a little hectic since I'm trying to get so many things done before I leave on vacation.'
  22. 'Whether they're on a business trip or on vacation, these travelers are often in spending mode.'
  23. 'Remember when you thought that an annual two-week vacation was a necessity?'
  24. 'I will be leaving on vacation in two days and will not be able to do much else except put down ideas in my traveling notebook.'
  25. '"We specialise in providing the best adventure vacations for people who want a personal and tailored travel service.'
The action of leaving something one previously occupied.
  1. 'On the vacation of the post, the senior masters assembled and discussed eligible candidates.'
  2. 'His vacation of the midfield also enabled Jamie Buchan to get back to his favoured position in midfield after a long spell at left back.'


Take a holiday.
  1. 'If you vacationed in California every vacation for the next 50 years you still would not run out of things to see or do.'
  2. 'Many of you may have travelled or simply spent long weekends by the sea vacationing with family and friends.'
  3. 'We all vacation together in Maine (though until the past two years, not in the same house).'
  4. 'His wife and boys were vacationing down the Jersey shore at his in-laws' summer home in August 1997.'
  5. 'A total of 2,714,000 foreign tourists vacationed in Bulgaria in the first seven months of the year, seven per cent more than the same period a year ago.'
  6. 'This break is long overdue, considering he hasn't vacationed in years and he even spends his weekends travelling to the company's agencies throughout Bulgaria - for work and pleasure.'
  7. 'If you find vacationing in a rental property more comfortable than hotel rooms, give no second thought to your choice.'
  8. 'We were vacationing in Spain.'
  9. 'Three subjects did not want to complete the study because they did not want to wear gloves while vacationing in Florida.'
  10. 'I spent about 15 percent of my time in Hawaii, and my children essentially grew up vacationing in Hawaii.'

More definitions

1. a period of suspension of work, study, or other activity, usually used for rest, recreation, or travel; recess or holiday: Schoolchildren are on vacation now.

2. a part of the year, regularly set aside, when normal activities of law courts, legislatures, etc., are suspended.

3. freedom or release from duty, business, or activity.

4. an act or instance of vacating. verb (used without object)

5. to take or have a vacation: to vacation in the Caribbean.

More examples(as adjective)

"shutdowns can be vacation."

"properties can be vacation."

"leaves can be vacation."


Late Middle English: from Old French, or from Latin vacatio(n-), from vacare ‘be unoccupied’ (see vacate).