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(of a place) not occupied; empty.
  1. 'The place has been vacant for a year.'
  2. 'There was one vacant place in the disabled parking area.'
  3. 'There was even a vacant space next to my car when I left it.'
  4. 'She breezes in and sits in the vacant chair on my right.'
  5. 'The site is currently vacant and is used for environmental monitoring to ensure the former refuse site next door is not contaminating surrounding land.'
  6. 'We were negotiating to buy property a couple of miles away when four blocks of vacant land became available across the street from my other buildings.'
  7. 'Over five years ago it had decided to sell its farms when they fell vacant.'
  8. 'The man slowly pulled his vehicle into the now vacant space.'
  9. 'The site was previously occupied by a vacant detached bungalow.'
  10. 'Set amid a cobbled row of upmarket mews flats, he has made the most of a vacant site to create a pair of light, spacious executive homes that blend with their historic surroundings.'
  11. 'They also demanded that the government fill all vacant positions and issue employees with at least four sets of uniforms.'
  12. 'Bradford on Avon police has one special constable, a voluntary, part time position, but is planning to advertise for more people to fill vacant positions.'
  13. 'Church members are more aware of volunteer opportunities, and vacant positions are being filled.'
  14. 'One major concern for the depots was the amount of time required to fill vacant positions.'
  15. 'It will be responsible for people's postings, promotions and assisting in filling vacant positions.'
  16. 'Three months later the vacant position at the school has still not been filled and it seems there is no sign of the position being filled in the immediate future.'
  17. 'Robinson encourages him to apply for the deputy news editor position currently vacant at the paper.'
  18. 'The result has been posts being left vacant for months as the University finds it hard to fill them.'
  19. 'A $15 million deficit this year resulted in a freeze on filling vacant positions and buying office and classroom supplies.'
  20. 'We anticipate a severe nursing shortage in the next few years and presently do not have enough lab or x-ray techs to fill vacant positions.'
Having or showing no intelligence or interest.
  1. 'He was carrying a plastic shopping bag and had a fairly benign, but vacant, expression on his face.'
  2. 'An endless parade of hungry children with vacant expressions overwhelmed them.'
  3. 'She just looked vacant, lost and empty; it was awful.'
  4. 'Blake gazed at the both of them then, his face becoming more vacant.'
  5. 'As our flashlights shone across his face, he looked up with a lifeless, vacant expression.'
  6. 'He was strangely giggling but his eyes remained vacant.'
  7. 'A couple seconds passed, and then his confused face turned vacant, empty.'
  8. 'Her vacant, doe-eyed stare into the camera shows little of the star quality that would make her a Hollywood legend.'
  9. 'He can't see my face, hasn't noticed my largely vacant expression.'
  10. 'She fixes those beady eyes on me, and I give her my best vacant stare back.'


1. having no contents; empty; void: a vacant niche.

2. having no occupant; unoccupied: no vacant seats on this train.

3. not in use: a vacant room.

4. devoid of thought or reflection: a vacant mind.

5. characterized by, showing, or proceeding from lack of thought or intelligence: a vacant answer; a vacant expression on a face.

6. not occupied by an incumbent, official, or the like, as a benefice or office.

7. free from work, business, activity, etc.: vacant hours.

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"posts can be vacant since deaths."

"posts can be vacant since dates."

"positions can be vacant since dates."

"posts can be vacant in dates."

"posts can be vacant for months."

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Middle English: from Old French, or from Latin vacant- ‘remaining empty’, from the verb vacare.