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Relating to or resembling bears.
  1. 'Schullery observes that Lewis's tone, his narrative structure, and, indeed, his misperceptions about ursine psychology helped shape the telling of bear stories for decades to come.'
  2. 'Still, as hikers, climbers, and canoeists fan out across the backcountry this spring - just as hungry black bears emerge from hibernation - they will do well to arm themselves with recent research on ursine behavior.'
  3. 'For instance there has been a rise in ursine road fatalities, which is making quite a dent in the population.'
  4. 'Unlike their ursine cousins who will eat almost anything, Giant Pandas, as you probably know, basically eat one thing: bamboo stems and leaves.'
  5. 'One dog, a yellow curly-tailed female named Weasel, actually lives in one of the outdoor bear enclosures and eats dog food and rice right among the ursine giants.'
  6. 'He discovered at that moment a bond between himself and his ursine brothers and decided to devote his life to protecting them.'
  7. 'Here are the association's tips for managing ursine visitors that may turn up in your yard.'



1. of or relating to a bear or bears.

2. bearlike.


Mid 16th century: from Latin ursinus, from ursus ‘bear’.