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Unpleasant to look at; ugly.
  1. 'Often they are opposed by the community because they are deemed either unsightly or a hazard because of radiation emissions.'
  2. 'Not only is this unsightly, it is also a health hazard and has been seen as showing a lack of respect for the community in general.'
  3. 'The most effective control is to check the plants regularly and remove unsightly and badly - affected foliage.'
  4. 'This year they hired a part time by-law officer to aggressively enforce bylaws such as unsightly premises.'
  5. 'It led to the removal of a number of trees, and the construction of unsightly water cylinders and pumping houses.'
  6. 'At the back were unsightly old workshops and flat-roofed buildings.'
  7. 'But too often mouths are firmly closed to hide yellowing enamel, unsightly fillings or missing teeth.'
  8. 'He said rubbish on motorways is unsightly and poses a danger to both drivers and animals.'
  9. 'The biggest problems appear to be litter on the streets and dogs fouling the footpaths, both unsightly.'
  10. 'Photos of ugly babies and unsightly spouses have never met a kinder pair of eyes than yours.'


1. distasteful or unpleasant to look at: an unsightly wound; unsightly disorder.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be unsightly in tanks."

"lots can be unsightly to movements."

"people can be unsightly."

"gaps can be unsightly."

"patches can be unsightly."

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