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Not having a roof.
  1. 'All those people gathered in an unroofed stadium [is] not unlike what must have gone on in pagan sanctuaries.'
  2. 'The unroofed abandoned cottage reminds the visitors of the stark choice between survival and holding home and hearth.'
  3. 'Although it has been lying unroofed for some time, its walls are still in good condition.'
  4. 'When a Parsi dies, he is not buried; instead, his body is exposed within an unroofed tower (a Tower of Silence) and vultures are allowed to devour the corpse.'
  5. 'The rain simply poured into the unroofed houses and drenched the floor.'
  6. 'Mr Drew, now living in a nearby farmhouse, had to take on other engineering jobs including telescope building to raise cash, while the unroofed observatory walls lay open to the elements.'
  7. 'Both the amphitheatre and the stage were unroofed.'


1. to take off the roof or covering of.

More examples(as adjective)

"stadiums can be unroofed."

"houses can be unroofed."

"buildings can be unroofed."