Adjective "unrolled" definition and examples

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Definitions and examples


Open or cause to open out from a rolled-up state.
  1. with object 'two carpets had been unrolled'
  2. 'The brothers ended their conversation and unrolled their blankets and laid their heads in their saddles.'
  3. 'A couple of the others went to the bookshelves and retrieved several books and a couple of cylindrical scrolls they opened to unroll A2 sized parchments.'
  4. 'We unrolled our sleeping bags on the floor and stretched out.'
  5. 'The grey carpet unrolled quite easily, which suggested that this was done before.'
  6. 'We immediately unrolled our sleeping bags and threw them on the bed.'
  7. 'Caesar untied the carpet and unrolled it slowly.'
  8. 'He unrolled my socks and opened my camera and even took the top off my toothpaste and gave it a squeeze.'
  9. 'Extending a network is rarely a matter of simply unrolling a length of cable, especially when a distance of miles must be traversed.'
  10. 'They unroll the red carpet at just about every opportunity.'
  11. 'I picked a random spot in the TV room and unrolled my sleeping bag.'

More definitions

1. to open or spread out (something rolled or coiled): to unroll a bolt of fabric.

2. to lay open; display; reveal.

3. Obsolete. to strike from a roll or register. verb (used without object)

4. to become unrolled or spread out: The scrolls unroll easily.

5. to become continuously visible or apparent: The landscape unrolled before our eyes.

More examples(as adjective)

"surfaces can be unrolled."

"rolls can be unrolled."

"papers can be unrolled."