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Not righteous; wicked.
  1. 'the expectation that God would punish the unrighteous'
  2. 'She is, in short, a woman of contradictions, and refreshingly, unfashionably unrighteous.'
  3. 'The law did not make one righteous but showed how unrighteous they really were.'
  4. 'First Corinthians 6: 9-10, ‘Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God?’'
  5. 'Most decent British and American citizens, not loath to protest against unrighteous war nor to fight for a just cause, want and deserve better than this.'
  6. 'Political prisoner and activist George Jackson articulated brilliantly, however, that those poor people who commit crimes are the ‘most abused victims of an unrighteous order.’'
  7. 'But as the Spirit is eternal, so also will be the peace of the righteous man and the tribulation of the unrighteous.'
  8. 'Landlords should also voluntarily cease taking unrighteous rent.'
  9. 'Unfortunately, I am not responsible for the failings of my predecessors, who set up the supply systems and who were as unrighteous as I am righteous.'
  10. 'You used your sovereignty in an unwise, unrighteous way.'
  11. 'Let's take a look at two women in the Bible who were fearful and whether they handled it in a righteous or unrighteous way.'


1. not righteous; not upright or virtuous; wicked; sinful; evil: an unrighteous king.

2. not in accordance with right or justice; unfair or unjust: an unrighteous law.

More examples(as adjective)

"doctors can be unrighteous."

"conducts can be unrighteous."

"angers can be unrighteous."


Old English unrihtwīs (see un-, righteous).