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Not rewarding or satisfying.
  1. 'Asset-devaluation techniques like these don't stop attacks, but they have the potential to make them unrewarding and pointless.'
  2. 'Initially Cohen's bleak baritone vocal - there's no singing, just his trademark uncompromising conversational drawl - paints a barren, unrewarding landscape.'
  3. 'Salmond said: ‘A leadership challenge would be a distraction, not to mention very unrewarding for the challenger.’'
  4. 'In her current autobiography she admits that she didn't enjoy the making of her final films and found the whole process of being a superstar/producer increasingly stressful and unrewarding.'
  5. 'Let's face it, you can get plump without any difficulty these days munching on unrewarding digestives and crisps, but let yourself loose in Plaisir du Chocolat and you can expand with style.'
  6. 'Sonny ends his dull and unrewarding relationship with Charlene and drifts into an affair with the older Ruth.'
  7. 'Not that it's an unwanted or unrewarding burden, but so many are looking at it the wrong way, as a means of enrichment for themselves rather than something to be undertaken with sobriety.'
  8. 'Elgin City, who finished 42nd out of 42 last season, are expected to find life similarly unrewarding in their second campaign as a league club.'
  9. 'According to Cosmopolitan, 70% describe their love life as dissatisfying or unrewarding.'
  10. 'This makes him a ‘difficult’ poet to read but in no way uninteresting or unrewarding.'


1. affording satisfaction, valuable experience, or the like; worthwhile.

2. affording financial or material gain; profitable.

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"activities can be unrewarding in terms."

"tasks can be unrewarding."

"activities can be unrewarding."

"years can be unrewarding."

"travels can be unrewarding."

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