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Not restrained or restricted.
  1. 'But clearly, Gus Macdonald's airports review is the beginning of the end for unrestrained growth in air travel.'
  2. 'Criticising unrestrained growth of the city, he wonders whether one could restrict it.'
  3. 'Upon opening the door, Kathy throws her arms up in an unrestrained expression of delight.'
  4. 'Until we embrace this belief our culture has little hope of surviving beyond its present state of unrestrained hostility.'
  5. 'If robbers are high on amphetamines, or crack cocaine, or desperate for a fix, their behaviour may be completely unrestrained.'
  6. 'They are answerable to no democratic mandate, so are unrestrained by the will of ordinary people.'
  7. 'You, with your unrestrained laughter, your gift for delight, have taught us all to relax and to be part of the moment.'
  8. 'His dreams, are wild and unrestrained because they are supposed to be safe; they are, after all, dreams.'
  9. 'We should also remember that unrestrained growth is the ideology of the cancer cell.'
  10. 'This story demonstrates the unrestrained power of organized drug traffickers.'


1. not restrained or controlled; uncontrolled or uncontrollable: the unrestrained birthrate in some countries.

2. not constrained; spontaneous: unrestrained laughter.

More examples(as adjective)

"powers can be unrestrained."

"positions can be unrestrained."

"growths can be unrestrained."

"forces can be unrestrained."

"competitions can be unrestrained."

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