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(of a problem, question, or dispute) not resolved.
  1. 'According to the last media reports, the public sector pay dispute is still unresolved.'
  2. 'The introduction of such a coefficient will make it possible to resolve a number of as yet unresolved problems in financing military science.'
  3. 'Since then thousands of unresolved disputes between the insured and their insurers have been referred to the Insurance Ombudsman and settled.'
  4. 'One of the big unresolved questions is how global warming will affect the whisky industry.'
  5. 'And they are far too deferential to admit that all this is generated, ultimately, by petty and unresolved disputes between the Christian churches.'
  6. 'Such uncertainties may remain unresolved for several years.'
  7. 'The union claims both sides are close on salary issues but mandatory overtime and understaffing questions are unresolved.'
  8. 'I suspect that he also gets a charge out of these last-minute crises, all acted out before the world's media, even if they are unresolved.'
  9. 'The new management's first task in preparing the ground was to rake through a big file of unresolved customer complaints.'
  10. 'Mysteries and unresolved questions are a part of real life, and so it's OK for them to exist in novels.'
  11. 'the way is so difficult and my guides unresolv'd'
  12. 'She is unresolved about which charities to include in her will.'


1. firm in purpose or intent; determined.

More examples(as adjective)

"issues can be unresolved in plans."

"statuses can be unresolved in agreements."

"places can be unresolved on dates."

"matters can be unresolved for beings."

"matters can be unresolved after events."

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