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Without reservations; complete.
  1. 'He added: ‘The wilful killing of innocent people can never be justified and is an act that merits unequivocal and unreserved condemnation.’'
  2. 'The relationship between Radha and Sita, as it is portrayed in the film, wins not only the wholehearted sympathy of the spectator but also unreserved respect.'
  3. 'The unreserved smile completely altered his finely chiseled features and made him extraordinarily handsome.'
  4. 'And what about the active and unreserved support we have to give to the EU's common foreign policy in ‘a spirit of loyalty and mutual solidarity?’'
  5. 'A full, unreserved apology wouldn't address the horror visited on countless families and the disgust of society as a whole, but it would certainly be a start.'
  6. 'When it was challenged, we had no hesitation in withdrawing it and offering our unreserved apologies which were graciously accepted.'
  7. 'I am and always have been, however, an unapologetic and unreserved supporter of Israel.'
  8. 'If our leaders did think on this level, would we be giving our unreserved support to America?'
  9. 'He added: ‘All he can do is offer his unreserved apologies.’'
  10. 'How can any of us have faith in the planning process if the chairman of the panel gives such unreserved support for proposals that have not yet been submitted and without knowing the views of local people?'
Frank and open.
  1. 'Carol Singley's contribution concerns another, even more unreserved, champion of France, Edith Wharton.'
  2. 'When you are laughing in a group in a public place with your arms up towards the sky, it removes your inhibitions and over a period of time you become a more sociable, unreserved and outgoing person.'
  3. 'This girl was so innocent, genuine and unreserved that she'd taken him completely off guard.'
Not set apart for a particular purpose or booked in advance.
  1. 'About 92 percent of the railway passengers travel without reservation in unreserved coaches in trains in the country.'
  2. 'As the crowd was ushered in, my family and I stepped down from the stage and took unreserved seats in the fourth or fifth row and center.'
  3. 'Military staff will still get first preference in bookings, but spaces left unreserved on April 30 will be open to all.'
  4. 'I had booked unreserved tickets for a round trip to Milwaukee, as I knew that I would have my choice of two trains to take depending on exactly when I arrived.'
  5. 'When it arrived, I elbowed my way into a carriage for unreserved passengers and got a window seat.'
  6. 'Tickets for unreserved seats in the side aisles are being bought, such is the demand to see this concert.'
  7. 'The popular theatre, characterized by cheap, unreserved seats, a late start, and a repertoire to elevate the working classes, was a German creation.'
  8. 'The survey charts several rates in 58 markets - monthly reserved and unreserved spots, and daily parking rates.'
  9. 'We didn't book together as it doesn't really matter what seats we get; we'll probably use the unreserved seats anyway.'
  10. '‘We also have plans to put up more vending machines for unreserved tickets,’ he said and added that his Ministry would extend all possible help for joint projects in the State.'


1. not restricted; without reservation; full; entire; unqualified: unreserved approval.

2. free from reserve; frank; open: unreserved behavior.

3. not kept or set apart for a particular use or person: unreserved seats.

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"faiths can be unreserved in commitments."

"apologies can be unreserved."

"supports can be unreserved."

"balances can be unreserved."

"seats can be unreserved."

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