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(of a feeling, especially love) not returned.
  1. 'You name it, they've got it - spots, crushes, unrequited love.'
  2. 'And sisters Charlotte, Emily and Anne are portrayed as sad victims of thwarted passion and unrequited love.'
  3. 'The real irony is that Gone With the Wind tells not a great love story as much as a great unrequited love story.'
  4. 'But beyond the public turmoil lies a private, backstage world of unrequited love, secret affairs and insecurity.'
  5. 'Why do I feel like this when I know, when reason tells me that my love is unrequited?'
  6. 'They also give a good insight into his troubled personal life, his unrequited loves and rocky friendships with fellow artists.'
  7. 'I didn't feel very good on Friday night, mainly because of unrequited love.'
  8. 'The film revolves around crimes of passion based on unrequited love, lust, treachery and revenge.'
  9. 'Besides, as Neil had said earlier, unrequited love was a great source of material for songs.'
  10. 'He wanted to get close to her, but didn't want to admit his unrequited feelings.'


1. not returned or reciprocated: unrequited love.

2. not avenged or retaliated: an unrequited wrong.

3. not repaid or satisfied.

More examples(as adjective)

"loves can be unrequited."

"passions can be unrequited."

"obsessions can be unrequited."

"interests can be unrequited."

"galleries can be unrequited."

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