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Not reported.
  1. 'Your stories and your deaths were mostly unreported in the British media.'
  2. 'But PC Lees stressed that the figures were just the tip of the iceberg with many incidents going unreported.'
  3. 'Many of them are dying and their deaths are going unreported.'
  4. 'Indeed, many cases go unreported because the victim does not seek help or even report the incident.'
  5. 'This bleak picture goes unreported because journalists are rarely seen there.'
  6. 'Gardaí said a previously unreported sighting of Mr Moloney in Ennis on Friday night has been confirmed.'
  7. 'Today domestic violence makes up a quarter of all reported violent crime, although most goes unreported.'
  8. 'His death passed largely unreported in Britain; the BBC does not even have a news archive report.'
  9. 'When there are no cops to report your minor theft to it goes unreported.'
  10. 'That is an alarming insight into the prevalence of unreported crime.'


1. an account or statement describing in detail an event, situation, or the like, usually as the result of observation, inquiry, etc.: a report on the peace conference; a medical report on the patient.

2. a statement or announcement.

3. a widely circulated statement or item of news; rumor; gossip.

4. an account of a speech, debate, meeting, etc., especially as taken down for publication.

5. a loud noise, as from an explosion: the report of a distant cannon.

6. a statement of a s

More examples(as adjective)

"attacks can be unreported in media."

"stocks can be unreported for times."

"newses can be unreported in presses."

"incidents can be unreported in media."

"criticisms can be unreported in media."

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