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Showing no regret for one's wrongdoings.
  1. 'Ambrose, by contrast, was guilty of wholesale plagiarism and was unrepentant.'
  2. 'Despite the challenging nature of his work to date, Aronofsky is unrepentant about his plans to enter the mainstream with his next film.'
  3. 'The man was convicted in open hearings and remains brazenly unrepentant.'
  4. 'What we have in common is that we enjoy being in the sex-trade: we are unrepentant hookers and we are not going to change.'
  5. 'It was an unworthy way for one fine champion to speak of another and many told Singh so at the time but the man himself remained unrepentant.'
  6. 'The girl is apparently unrepentant, and is now ‘punishing’ the school by withdrawing her presence.'
  7. 'Walsh remains unrepentant about the allegations put forward in his book.'
  8. 'He was not unrepentant to the end, as some people have said.'
  9. 'A fortnight on from his now infamous defiance of the smoking ban, our own John Deasy remains as unrepentant as he has been from day one.'
  10. 'There is much admiring of young legal eagles, studying of wizened magistrates and cowering from unrepentant defendants to be done.'


1. repenting; penitent; experiencing repentance.

2. characterized by or showing repentance: a repentant mood.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be unrepentant for decisions."

"browns can be unrepentant in prudences."

"people can be unrepentant over strings."

"people can be unrepentant over affairs."

"people can be unrepentant of comments."

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