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Not able to be predicted; changeable.
  1. 'We need to reset the variables excluding anything unpredictable and run the script once again.'
  2. 'The unpredictable aspect of political warfare - future events - may change all that.'
  3. 'The weather is unpredictable, ranging from heat and humidity to thunderstorms.'
  4. 'With the region's unpredictable weather conditions, the team is hopeful of an exciting race.'
  5. 'We live in uncertain times when change has never been so rapid or unpredictable.'
  6. 'People who want to think ahead need to recognise that the world predictably changes in unpredictable ways.'
  7. 'Make sure you pack a few warm clothes in your hand luggage as you know how unpredictable English weather can be.'
  8. 'The future direction of the Irish property market has become as unpredictable as the weather.'
  9. 'Every year the weather is most unpredictable for this event and this year's was no exception.'
  10. 'This is a good combination as Aquarius is a wacky, unpredictable sign, but Capricorn is sensible and steady.'


1. not predictable; not to be foreseen or foretold: an unpredictable occurrence. noun

2. something that is unpredictable: the unpredictables of life.

More examples(as adjective)

"warmings can be unpredictable in details."

"trends can be unpredictable in/at/on todays."

"records can be unpredictable in/at/on onstages."

"changes can be unpredictable in details."

"uses can be unpredictable in mountains."

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