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Not wanted or desirable because harmful, objectionable, or unpleasant.
  1. 'If project bosses get the money, undesirable homes will be renovated or demolished and new ones would be built.'
  2. 'Teenage pregnancy would be somewhat undesirable, we concluded.'
  3. 'Disobeying this golden rule will result in undesirable consequences.'
  4. 'Of course in practice, all substances produce both desirable and undesirable effects.'
  5. 'Our situation and our life-style are not excessive and so do not attract undesirable attention.'
  6. 'Why is he mixing socially undesirable types with his household and friends?'
  7. 'The persistent application of double standards can bring about undesirable results.'
  8. 'Some allotments have fallen into disrepair and are so undesirable that nobody wants them even when the council offers to clear them first.'
  9. 'They also can sort desirable and undesirable messages by means of automatic filters.'
  10. 'Its location, just off the main drag, means that undesirable characters sometimes show up at closing time.'


A person considered to be objectionable in some way.
  1. 'Shrubs have been cut back to deprive undesirables of hiding places, the first of several vandal-proof benches have been installed, and there are moves to make the lavatories accessible only from the street.'
  2. 'We all must continue to send the message that Australia does not want the undesirables and will always reserve the right to decide who can come and who can stay.'
  3. 'However, if it is made to look nice then it will attract the right kind of people and not undesirables.'
  4. 'This type of establishment could only attract even more undesirables into the area.'
  5. 'The spectre of public drinking, in your face stuff, groups of undesirables blocking doorways and paths, shouting abuse at passers-by, is again becoming the norm.'
  6. 'If she had known that her next-door neighbour was going to be offering undesirables a roof over their heads, she would not have moved there in the first place.'
  7. 'Neighbourhood Watch is of course synonymous with the bright yellow stickers displayed in windows and on lamp posts to ward off undesirables.'
  8. 'Also the claim that the hostel is full of drug users and undesirables is completely false as many of the residents are young parents with babies or young families with small children.'
  9. 'Passengers will be kept informed by some of the most modern electronic systems available and increased 24-hour security will keep out undesirables.'
  10. 'She couldn't stop laughing which was quite good because when she did stop laughing she went all serious and ranted on a bit about undesirables ruining the festival.'


1. not desirable or attractive; objectionable: undesirable qualities. noun

2. a person or thing considered undesirable: a collection of malcontents and undesirables.

More examples(as adjective)

"operations can be undesirable in/at/on todays."

"yen can be undesirable prior to things."

"systems can be undesirable for trades."

"systems can be undesirable for payments."

"surgeries can be undesirable in patients."

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