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  1. 'This set of political beliefs arose as an undesigned, unaimed for convergence of beliefs between me and my friends, as described.'
  2. 'The fact of her covering the spies with bundles of flax which lay on her house-roof is an undesigned coincidence which strictly corroborates the narrative.'
  3. 'Also, the processes involved are supposed to be naturalistic and undesigned.'
  4. 'A second important type of confirming instance is an unexpected result which indicates that a law or theory has an undesigned scope.'
  5. 'Between this record and that of Moses, there is an undesigned coincidence.'
  6. 'So far they have yet to offer a real testable hypothesis, something that can actually distinguish designed objects from undesigned objects in the real world.'


1. not planned beforehand; unpremeditated; unintentional.

More examples(as adjective)

"monsters can be undesigned."

"infinites can be undesigned."

"consequences can be undesigned."