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Not officially appointed or specified.
  1. 'stalls were illegally erected in undesignated areas'
  2. 'Consumption of alcoholic beverages at undesignated premises, at unauthorised times and sometimes by juveniles is wrecking the national foundation.'
  3. 'But Boase said they are seeing significant environmental impact, like soil and vegetation degradation, from people walking through the undesignated trail.'
  4. 'Officials have reiterated they would not recognise the results from the undesignated countries.'
  5. 'The new chip in the series, as yet undesignated, is scheduled for availability in the third quarter of this year.'
  6. 'The final class covers hawkers who operate haphazardly as individuals from undesignated spaces.'


1. to mark or point out; indicate; show; specify.

2. to denote; indicate; signify.

3. to name; entitle; style.

4. to nominate or select for a duty, office, purpose, etc.; appoint; assign. adjective

5. named or selected for an office, position, etc., but not yet installed (often used in combination following the noun it modifies): ambassador-designate.

More examples(as adjective)

"surpluses can be undesignated."

"balances can be undesignated."

"shares can be undesignated."

"funds can be undesignated."

"deficits can be undesignated."

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