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Not deserving or worthy of something positive, especially help or praise.
  1. 'the undeserving poor'
  2. 'Also, we wanted to ensure the money raised would be used cent for cent towards social work and not bleed away into the hands of those undeserving.'
  3. 'If his case doesn't justify asylum, then there are millions of undeserving asylum seekers living here under false pretences.'
  4. 'Yet it's possible that Edina may be even less forgivable as that most loathsome of types, the undeserving rich.'
  5. 'The problem here is that people object when randomly good things happen to undeserving people.'
  6. 'And who decides who is undeserving, and deserving, or who is lucky and who is astute?'
  7. 'They are, as far as anyone can tell, bitterly hostile to the oligarchs, believing them to be the undeserving beneficiaries of resources that belong to the nation.'
  8. 'Always err on the side of niceness until they prove themselves to be undeserving of your better side.'
  9. 'He is undeserving of such praise because what he actually produced was confusion.'
  10. 'I wonder which undeserving news story will blow up to be huge next?'
  11. 'It's about time that we began to recognize that inherited wealth is equally undeserving of our reverence.'


1. qualified for or having a claim to reward, assistance, etc., because of one's actions, qualities, or situation: the deserving poor; a deserving applicant.

2. meriting; worthy: a criminal deserving of a lifetime sentence.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be undeserving of regards."

"people can be undeserving of properties."

"people can be undeserving of lives."

"ghosts can be undeserving of entries."

"anyones can be undeserving of luxuries."

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