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Below a weight considered normal or desirable.
  1. 'Perhaps your exercise regime is too demanding, since your body mass index (height to weight ratio) suggests you're not underweight.'
  2. 'Many entertainment celebrities are underweight, some anorexically so.'
  3. 'Because he's been chronically underweight since before hitting puberty, his body is used to having to survive on unnaturally low weights, but there's a limit to how much it can take.'
  4. 'I assume your daughter is underweight, not just thin.'
  5. 'Whether you are underweight, normally weighted or overweight, your eating solution can become a problem.'
  6. 'She was still rather underweight at 100 pounds, okay, very underweight, but she ate healthily, exercised a normal amount and gained a ton of self-confidence.'
  7. 'In addition, research shows that teenage girls, particularly those who are underweight or dieting to lose weight, are not getting enough calcium.'
  8. 'Since then she had been in a re-hab centre and was now considered only slightly underweight.'
  9. 'I know I shouldn't complain because I can eat what I want and not gain weight, but it's not good being underweight.'
  10. 'On examination, she was underweight (weight 2nd percentile, height 10th percentile).'
Having less investment in a particular area than is considered desirable.
  1. 'Although it recommended that investors switch to US shares, it still recommends that investors be underweight in US equities.'
  2. 'Last year we were underweight lodging stocks.'
  3. 'We are overweight in economy-sensitive stocks, technology, industrials and financials, and are underweight in utilities and telecoms - stock selection is becoming ever-more critical.'


Apply too little weight to.
  1. 'The second question posed in this study asked whether groups composed of experienced individuals underweight base rate data.'
  2. 'Others target specific stocks that are in an index, overweighting those they think are especially undervalued and underweighting those thought to be too dear.'
  3. 'Then you would underweight technology stocks?'
  4. 'In market parlance, they overweight the most recent information and underweight the information that came before.'
  5. 'For such a strategy, an investor makes a forecast on an asset class or sector and overweights or underweights it accordingly.'


Insufficient weight.
  1. 'They are just disqualified from the show ring because of underweight or overweight.'
  2. 'We used these early data together with information collected on cohort members at the age of 50 to explore the effects of childhood obesity and underweight on adult obesity and risk factors for disease.'


1. weighing less than is usual, required, or proper. noun

2. deficiency in weight below a standard or requirement.

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"people can be underweight in places."

"operations can be underweight in places."

"assets can be underweight in places."

"people can be underweight on places."

"people can be underweight in stocks."

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