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adjective & adverb

Situated, occurring, or done beneath the surface of the water.
  1. as adverb 'the seal spent a lot of time underwater'
  2. 'He'd just returned from scuba diving in the Red Sea where he clocked up many a mile of underwater exploring.'
  3. 'In her spare time, she is a keen sports diver and underwater archaeologist.'
  4. 'She said the divers will have to work with the tides and underwater visibility to do their job.'
  5. 'The penguins can be viewed, not just from a sloping arena but also from underwater viewing areas.'
  6. 'He is passionate about both diving and underwater photography and does not want to let me down.'
  7. 'We clambered out of the water after some serious underwater rock climbing.'
  8. 'The police helicopter and the force's underwater search unit were also bought in to assist.'
  9. 'Much trade was lost during the floods because people believed the entire city was underwater.'
  10. 'If you have trouble with water going up your nose breath out whilst your underwater or consider using a nose clip.'
  11. 'Police officers have combed the area with dogs and an underwater team has searched the canal near his work.'
Relating to or denoting a loan with a balance that exceeds the current market value of the loan.
  1. as adverb 'those who bought new pads in the mid-eighties were underwater for more than a decade'
  2. 'Analysts have forecasted that the 30 percent of underwater mortgages today could rise to 48 percent by 2011, so you won't have to look too far to see what will happen to foreclosures and mortgage losses when the number rises to 20 million people.'
  3. 'With more than half of all stock options granted in the '90s underwater, you can bet the boss is finding other ways to get paid.'
  4. 'People are being forced to seek modifications for their underwater mortgages, watch retirement savings wither and choose between medicine and meals.'
  5. 'If these borrowers ever get underwater on their mortgages, they will almost certainly pull back on spending, turn risk averse and generally retrench.'
  6. 'But the underlying investments could be at least 20 per cent underwater because of bad stock markets.'
  7. 'Do you know that in Nevada 70 percent of the home mortgages are underwater?'
  8. '"We know lots of mortgage loans are underwater," he says, describing the situation where the value of collateral has fallen below the principal balance of a loan.'
  9. 'As many as one in six homeowners are currently what's known as underwater.'
  10. 'Perhaps most will be able to afford their monthly payments down the road, but the odds of millions becoming underwater on their mortgages when the Mortgage Finance Bubble bursts is alarmingly high and growing.'

More definitions

1. existing or occurring under water.

2. designed to be used under water.

3. located below a ship's waterline. adverb

4. beneath the water: to travel underwater. noun

5. the water beneath the surface: cold currents in the underwater.

6. underwaters, the depths, as of a sea, lake, etc.

More examples(as adjective)

"tortoises can be underwater for hours."

"pipelines can be underwater."

"worlds can be underwater."

"people can be underwater."

"inspections can be underwater."

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