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Rate (something) insufficiently highly; fail to appreciate.
  1. 'his last film was acclaimed by critics and undervalued by audiences'
  2. 'He always undervalued his work.'
  3. 'Don't undervalue yourself, but don't value things that are worthless.'
  4. 'True, scriptwriters are undervalued in Hollywood and Bollywood.'
  5. 'If a strike by railroad employees cripples the nation, that is an indication that these workers are undervalued.'
  6. 'I know this sounds pompous, (it's supposed to) but sitting down to a communal family meal is seriously undervalued.'
  7. 'They weren't trapped, they weren't undervalued, they weren't depressed, they weren't not using whatever intelligence or skills they had.'
  8. 'I remember a man ill at ease with his height and fearful that his profound musical abilities were undervalued.'
  9. 'However, we consistently overestimate the dangers and undervalue the benefits we obtain by living in a complex society.'
  10. 'the company's assets were undervalued in its balance sheet'
  11. 'Trouble is, the company might look undervalued because it's trading in an overvalued sector.'
  12. 'Folks like to blame an undervalued currency.'
  13. 'A particular stock may be undervalued, or it may be lousy value.'
  14. 'I have always tried to fight the tough fight and accumulate investments when they were undervalued and sell them when they were overvalued.'
  15. 'Investors tend to buy undervalued stocks and sell overvalued stocks, and, in a market of many participants, the result can be anything but efficient.'
  16. 'They rejected the new deal, saying that even though the price was well above market value, it still undervalued the company.'
  17. 'Alternatively, if unrealized and undervalued tax assets like tax credits and losses are on hand, a share purchase will be favoured.'
  18. 'They claimed that his accounting system was based on a liquidation value orientation, which would undervalue the firm as an entity whose sum value is greater than its parts.'
  19. 'The risk with value investing is that undervalued stocks can remain so for a long time!'
  20. 'A buy-back increases shareholder value if the company is truly undervalued.'


A price below the real value.
  1. 'Subsequently the executrix discovered that an asset of the deceased had during his life been sold at an undervalue.'
  2. 'It is not evidence of a sale at an undervalue in November 2000.'
  3. 'He sold the watch at an undervalue to Trevor and asked William to look after the lighter for him until he wanted it returned.'
  4. 'In all cases where land is transferred to a director or employee, an inspector must consider whether the transfer is at full value and, if not, whether the undervalue is a profit from the directorship or employment.'
  5. 'The new company, often trading under the same or a similar name, uses the old company's assets, often acquired at an undervalue, and exploits its goodwill and business opportunities.'
  6. 'Ultimately, when the assets have been devalued and it is quite patently clear that those who end up in control are incompetent, they will pass to someone else at a gross undervalue.'

More definitions

1. to value below the real worth; put too low a value on.

2. to diminish in value; make of less value.

3. to have insufficient regard or esteem for; hold too low an opinion of.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be undervalued in lights."

"places can be undervalued for rallies."

"people can be undervalued in/at/on weekends."

"educations can be undervalued in places."

"dollars can be undervalued in terms."

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