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Underuse (something).
  1. 'All of the melodic and rhythmic activity is in the first and second parts; the third and fourth clarinets are underutilized and have little to do.'
  2. 'It is underutilised - all services run with empty seats that could be used instead of driving a car.'
  3. 'In the past, productivity almost always fell during recessions because both labor and capital were underutilized as output sagged or grew more slowly.'
  4. 'Unfortunately, these drugs are frequently prescribed incorrectly, and newer therapies are underutilized.'
  5. 'Yet, their talents and access to avenues for change are underutilized.'
  6. 'There was serious over-investment in the mechanical engineering industries, which meant that new plant was underutilized.'
  7. 'But the technique's potential was underutilized, I felt.'
  8. 'Illustrations in Ph.D. theses are underutilized resources.'
  9. 'Indeed, shrinking computer equipment makes it easier to imagine extra closets or other underutilized areas in your home as sites for compact workstations.'
  10. 'They expressed disappointment that the Web site was underutilized and foresees that something will be changed.'

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1. to fail to utilize fully: to underutilize natural resources.

More examples(as adjective)

"telephones can be underutilized."

"potentials can be underutilized."

"plants can be underutilized."

"fisheries can be underutilized."

"facilities can be underutilized."

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