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Use (something) below the optimum level.
  1. 'The author of this article contends that handheld devices are underused in the nursing profession.'
  2. 'The first step is to becoming aware of the smaller, underused balance muscles.'
  3. 'The trust argued that both units were underused and closing them would save around £318,000 a year.'
  4. 'He sees football and the culture of competition as underused resources.'
  5. 'He said it was up to developers, not the community, to show a centre was underused and that there were viable alternatives.'
  6. 'She obviously has talent, but it is underused and underdeveloped here.'
  7. 'Similarly, public consultations in the planning process are often underused by citizens.'
  8. 'If policies are underused, administrators have little impetus to expand them.'
  9. 'Both audio options are impressive, though the surround channels are underused.'
  10. 'For example, one area where systems are vastly underused is in the diagnostics of maintenance problems.'


Insufficient use.
  1. 'Unfortunately, numerous studies have found that faculty typically underuse work-family policies.'
  2. 'He also says his discomfort last season was a big reason for timing problems with the offensive line, the lack of an effective running game and the underuse of a solid group of receivers.'
  3. 'Critics have to play the CD over and over, listening for an out-of-tune piano, overuse of a particular melody, underuse of a particular musician - the list goes on and on.'
  4. 'The interesting fact that emerges from the research into this problem is that there are two main reasons for the emerging drug resistance - underuse and overuse.'
  5. 'When you have strong quads, you tend to rely heavily on them, and you probably underuse your glutes for weight training, athletic activity and general mobility.'
  6. 'Another factor that contributes to the underuse of system capabilities is a lack of planning.'
  7. 'There is also significant underuse of preventive treatments.'

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1. not completely or sufficiently used: underused talents.

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"refineries can be underused."

"venueses can be underused."

"lines can be underused."

"capacities can be underused."

"programmes can be underused."

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