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A formal pledge or promise to do something.
  1. 'Much of the process is now automated, and the banks have given an undertaking that they will respond within five days.'
  2. 'We had an undertaking that we would be able to speak.'
  3. 'There is also an undertaking that the applicant had 28 days at that period of time in which to lodge the application.'
  4. 'Saplings will be given free of cost to all those who give an undertaking that they would take care of them.'
  5. 'If counsel breaches such an undertaking that can be dealt with.'
  6. 'When we made the original deal we gave an undertaking that we would let the Council see what we are doing.'
  7. 'In the application, my learned friend said that, if it was to be granted, there was an agreement or, at least, there was an undertaking that costs would be paid in any event to the respondent.'
  8. 'The station was asked to give an undertaking that it will present any argument or discussion about the new broadcast franchise in a fair and balanced way while it continues on the air.'
  9. 'I had to sign an undertaking that I would come back and surrender myself to the authorities.'
  10. 'Well, the customs of marriage in the Roman Catholic Church include an additional requirement - that is, an undertaking that one will have children.'
  11. 'the knowing undertaking of an obligation'
  12. 'The film is organised around the undertaking of a single task.'
  13. 'In undertaking that task, it may be, and commonly will be, necessary to make some assessment of the strength of the case for invalidity.'
A task that is taken on; an enterprise.
  1. 'Keeping these items safe will be a mammoth undertaking.'
  2. 'Reprising his Oscar winning role was a risky undertaking.'
  3. 'From the beginning, however, the system was built on trust - a risky undertaking in a society where profit rarely takes a backseat to trust.'
  4. 'At-home hair coloring used to be a risky undertaking: Too often, hair ended up looking like a botched science experiment.'
  5. 'The appetite for political consulting is triggered by the recognition that campaigning is an undertaking for professionals.'
  6. 'From the start, it was clearly a mammoth undertaking, but Jack feels it was worth it.'
  7. 'The task was a mammoth undertaking, requiring thousands of hours of research, writing, sourcing photographs and planning the events of the day itself.'
  8. 'It has been a mammoth undertaking and is the culmination of many hundreds of hours of research, editing and printing.'
  9. '‘The task ahead for you is a mammoth undertaking to ensure the continuation of our fishing industries,’ he told the 300 delegates.'
  10. 'Irrespective of the success of the government's latest initiative, eradicating poverty among such a large proportion of the population would prove a mammoth undertaking.'
  11. 'national transport undertakings'
  12. 'With hardly a credible debate on the rationale and justification of rapid disinvestment, some of the most profitable or strategically important public sector undertakings are being privatised.'
  13. 'There is no way in which staff of public transport undertakings should have to put up with this kind of mindless violence.'
  14. 'Among the eight Indian companies in the list, three companies are public sector undertakings while five are from the private sector.'
  15. 'Measures to privatize publicly owned undertakings and weaken trade unions were also introduced.'
  16. 'Speaking generally, the question of transfer may arise where an undertaking or business carried out by one or more employees ceases to be carried out by one employer and starts to be carried out by another employer.'
  17. 'Some of these companies are now successful business undertakings, but others have only just managed to put systems in place.'
The business of managing funerals.

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    1. the act of a person who undertakes any task or responsibility.

    2. a task, enterprise, etc., undertaken.

    3. a promise; pledge; guarantee.

    4. the business of an undertaker or funeral director.

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