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A person whose business is preparing dead bodies for burial or cremation and making arrangements for funerals.
  1. 'The family undertakers receive the remains and prepare them, lovingly beautifying them in the white-tiled basement embalming room for the reassurance of the people left behind.'
  2. 'Just before the funeral, the undertaker came up to the elderly widow and asked: ‘How old was your husband?’'
  3. 'The family have asked the funeral undertakers not to disclose any details of the arrangements leading up to the burial.'
  4. 'Straight after the funeral the undertaker gave us all the paperwork and had it in a folder for us, and said this was for our keeping, just to look at later.'
  5. 'We can't do anything now, but in the morning I'll write to the doctor, her lawyer, and the undertaker.'
  6. 'I hadn't made arrangements with an undertaker and the phone rang off the hook with calls from New York.'
  7. 'They also thanked the choir, servers, undertakers, and everyone who attended the funeral.'
  8. 'Last December, he had the first of four cardiac arrests, which made him so ill he consulted solicitors to make a will and undertakers to plan his funeral - and even ordered his gravestone.'
  9. 'There are 30 undertakers and about 8,500 funerals held a year in Dublin.'
  10. 'The package includes services provided by the state mortuary, contracted undertakers, transport of the body, coffin and religious minister.'

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1. funeral director.

2. a person who undertakes something.

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"premises can be undertaker."