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Commit oneself to and begin (an enterprise or responsibility); take on.
  1. 'And despite all the pain I can honestly say that, looking back, I'm glad I did and I'm proud I undertook the whole enterprise.'
  2. 'All of their Lordships spoke in terms of one party having assumed or undertaken a responsibility towards the other.'
  3. 'They are the students who enjoy undertaking these responsibilities, and kudos to them for doing so; they enrich campus life for the students who get involved in any of those activities.'
  4. 'She refused to undertake any enterprise without his involvement.'
  5. 'When I became president two-and-a-half years ago I undertook a duty and responsibility.'
  6. 'The primary insurers, however, undertook responsibility for legal expenses in full without limit.'
  7. 'Interns in our internship program undertake projects and engage in research and writing.'
  8. 'She is the ideal commissioner to undertake the responsibilities inherent in this bill.'
  9. 'No state in its right mind would undertake such responsibilities.'
  10. 'The troops are overstretched and forced to stay on longer than planned and undertake responsibilities beyond their capacity.'
  11. 'the firm undertook to keep price increases to a minimum'
  12. 'This is a general contractual principle - whenever anyone undertakes to secure a particular end, failure to do so is breach of contract.'
  13. 'Mr Watson says he raised the issue last year in a submission to the regional council and it undertook to review the charges, but there has been no progress.'
  14. 'He agreed to pay the full sum, half of which was tax and half accrued interest and penalties, and undertook to sell off family assets to meet the demand within six months.'
  15. 'The protection of witnesses has been the latest measure the Interior Ministry undertook to offset the current wave of violence.'
  16. 'Mr Hough undertook to ring me the following day (last Friday) but he didn't.'
  17. 'When it became clear no one was going to budge, some in the majority undertook to challenge the minority on their understanding of reasonable doubt.'
  18. 'The members undertook to examine the plan in detail over the Christmas period and are due to meet with the consultants for further discussions early in the new year.'
  19. 'Less well known is that the jobs he undertook to pay his way through his degree included a whaling trip to the Arctic, an experience that left him with a lifelong taste for adventure.'
  20. 'The Minister undertook to pursue the unfilled vacancy issue and I am pleased about that.'
  21. 'Due to recent government cutbacks to the service, the staff at the centre undertook to raise cash in the first fundraising event since the early 1990s.'
  22. 'Mr Hunter was able to undertake that the Secretary of State would decide the case and issue a reasoned decision within 6 weeks.'
  23. 'I undertake that that note will be provided and circulated tomorrow morning.'
  24. 'I undertake that that document was advice on top of a Cabinet paper, so it does not add any significance.'
  25. 'The buyer undertakes that, in consideration of the bank releasing the bill of lading to it, it will hold it on trust for the bank, together with the goods and the proceeds of their sale.'


Catch up with and pass (another vehicle) while travelling on the inside.
  1. 'speeding, tailgating, and undertaking on a motorway are all examples of driving without due care and attention'
  2. 'I drove towards Kings Tamerton and Victoria Road slip road when an idiot on a motorcycle undertook me between the nearside of my car and the grass verge.'
  3. 'They do not stay in bicycle lanes, undertaking vehicles when they are indicating to turn left, and don't stop at red lights and pedestrian crossings.'
  4. 'He undertook me and then pulled out into my lane (silly me, leaving a space between myself and the car in front in case I needed to brake!).'

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1. to take upon oneself, as a task, performance, etc.; attempt: She undertook the job of answering all the mail.

2. to promise, agree, or obligate oneself (followed by an infinitive): The married couple undertook to love, honor, and cherish each other.

3. to warrant or guarantee (followed by a clause): The sponsors undertake that their candidate meets all the requirements.

4. to take in charge; assume the duty of attending

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