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Having insufficient stock of goods, farm animals, etc.
  1. 'I went to look for you at the unwelcoming, understocked bookstore in the small Midwestern town in which I temporarily resided.'
  2. 'Yeah, we know that compared to their counterparts around the nation, they're rather underfunded, understocked and short-staffed, and at least one local branch is downright moldy.'
  3. 'Angry shoppers have criticised the store as being persistently understocked, with basic items missing from the shelves.'
  4. 'The surprising success of HDTVs was spotlighted during the last holiday season, when many retailers found themselves understocked.'


1. to provide an insufficient quantity, as of merchandise, supplies, or livestock. noun

2. Horticulture. (in grafting) the rooted plant that receives the scion.

More examples(as adjective)

"centres can be understocked by places."

"conveniences can be understocked."

"coasts can be understocked."

"centres can be understocked."