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Presented or expressed in a subtle and effective way.
  1. 'The atmosphere throughout is one of understated elegance and the highest standards of comfort and luxury.'
  2. 'There is a love of natural forms and an appreciation of understated elegance.'
  3. 'He's dressed in scruffy jeans and a faded biker jacket, talking in quiet, understated tones.'
  4. 'Instead, we were presented with bland technical data, neat, sanitised diagrams and understated text.'
  5. 'Subtlety is the foremost element in this suavely written and understated novel.'
  6. 'They both have a powerful sense of humour and an understated wit that makes you look very carefully at what's on the page in case you miss anything.'
  7. 'He is a wonderfully understated character with the gentle knowing presence of an outsider who understands.'
  8. 'Like most ads of its kind, it is self-consciously understated; but as it happens, it is just a little too smug for its own good.'
  9. 'Like his restaurants, he typifies understated style and a calm underlying assurance of deep professionalism.'
  10. 'There are still people who would go for a cool understated chic, and in our time of personally indulgent dressing this is probably the time to do it.'


1. restrained in design, presentation, etc.; low-key: the understated elegance of the house.

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"characters can be understated at people."

"elegances can be understated."

"styles can be understated."

"collections can be understated."

"ways can be understated."

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