Adjective "understate" definition and examples

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Describe or represent (something) as being smaller or less good or important than it really is.
  1. 'Not only is there little sign of a cooling of this demand, but there is also a concern that the trade figures - awful as they are - may even be understating the volume of manufactured imports.'
  2. 'That bland description understates the drama and stakes of the investigation.'
  3. 'No, that would be grossly understating the hopelessness of his present situation.'
  4. 'If anything that is rather understating the case - I have been overwhelmed by what I have seen and heard.'
  5. 'To say I'm suffering from a combination of culture shock and stomach churning homesickness would be understating it.'
  6. 'To say we are disappointed would be understating it.'

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1. to state or represent less strongly or strikingly than the facts would bear out; set forth in restrained, moderate, or weak terms: The casualty lists understate the extent of the disaster.

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"datas can be understate."