Adjective "underslung" definition and examples



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Suspended from the underside of something.
  1. 'Then every piece of equipment, including our food supply boxes, had to be accurately weighed so that we could tally the full weight of each underslung load.'
  2. 'Extensive training is also conducted in helicopter underslung work, a critical function for forward resupply, ship-to-shore, and remote operations.'
  3. 'Up to 1,360 kg of cargo can be underslung from an external cargo hook for ship-to-shore and ship-to-ship replenishment.'
  4. 'The cockpit was underslung, with a top-mounted cannon and two machine guns on either side.'


1. suspended from an upper support, as the chassis of a vehicle from the axles.

2. supported from above; placed or suspended below the source of support: Conestoga wagons with underslung bundles and kettles.

3. more massive at the bottom than the top; squat: The high wings and large fuselage give the plane an underslung look.

More examples(as adjective)

"slouches can be underslung."