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Situated, occurring, or done below the sea or the surface of the sea.
  1. 'The company claims that it is presently involved in almost every undersea cable route in the world.'
  2. 'Some of the salt in the oceans comes from undersea volcanoes and hydrothermal vents.'
  3. 'The beautiful coral reefs made the undersea world even more splendid and fantastic.'
  4. 'It was during this time that he began planning the creation of a new and very different submarine to be used in undersea research.'
  5. 'Apparently an undersea cable connecting Shanghai to the US was severed.'
  6. 'Adventure tourism has entered the picture in recent years, with customers paying steep prices to visit the undersea wreck.'
  7. 'By this stage the undersea cable from Java had reached Darwin and the northern tip of Australia was at last connected to the rest of the world.'
  8. 'Whatever the exact explanation, it is well known that not every undersea earthquake produces a tsunami.'
  9. 'The repair of the US-China undersea fibre optic cable, damaged Friday night for the second time in a month, was initiated Monday.'
  10. 'Marvels of integration, the reefs are like bustling undersea communities.'


1. located, carried on, or used under the surface of the sea: undersea life. adverb

2. underseas.

More examples(as adjective)

"cables can be undersea."

"pipelines can be undersea."

"links can be undersea."

"networks can be undersea."

"systems can be undersea."

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