Adjective "underscored" definition and examples

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Definitions and examples


A line drawn under a word or phrase for emphasis.
  1. 'For example, maybe you really hate typing underscore characters, so you don't use them when naming database tables or named constants.'
  2. 'My browser at work won't accept URLs with underscores in them, so I always had to wait until I got home to catch up with Dawn's escapades.'
  3. 'Well, the underscore, to the best of my knowledge was used in computer programming when a space wouldn't do; when a space would confuse the program.'


Underline (something).
  1. 'the company underscored the progress made with fuel cells'
  2. 'During the poetry reading sessions, she acknowledges her audience by frequently underscoring important words both with a vocal change and a head movement towards or away from her listeners.'
  3. 'That is certainly true, although it underscores the somewhat narrow focus and reach of his analysis.'
  4. 'The ‘it-girl’ persona underscores what is valued in the public sphere for women, namely wealth, beauty, and social status.'
  5. 'Even as he recounts over 30 years later that I lost one patient during that epidemic, one is conscious of the sense of regret which underscores the words.'
  6. 'It's a handsome house carefully attended by a mindful gardener who simply underscores its unfussy character.'
  7. 'The research underscores, for example, the importance of people's being motivated to become a part of the host culture, of having a strong sense of self and of finding a cultural mentor.'
  8. 'The tug of cultural anthropology and sociology is strong here, and underscores food as symbol and metaphor, a cultural numerator essential to the human equation.'

More definitions

1. to mark with a line or lines underneath; underline, as for emphasis.

2. to stress; emphasize: The recent tragedy underscores the danger of disregarding safety rules. noun

3. a line drawn beneath something written or printed.

4. music for a film soundtrack; background for a film or stage production.

More examples(as adjective)

"people/places/organizations can be underscored."

"centralities can be underscored."

"buttons can be underscored."