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Underestimate the extent, value, or importance of (someone or something)
  1. 'But they underrated his ability to find allies and play the long game.'
  2. 'The most underrated element in modern cinema is the sound of silence.'
  3. 'The admission system is a much underrated feature of the success of the school.'
  4. 'Being open with people and saying what you feel is highly underrated in this country.'
  5. 'Some conservationists felt the report underrated the quality of the threatened environment.'
  6. 'This is the thinking man's guide to one of our most underrated cities.'
  7. 'I always knew that, but I think I probably underrated the importance of other things.'
  8. 'He was underrated not just by us that day, but also by one of the greatest opening batsmen in history.'
  9. 'It is probably one of the most underrated movies of all time.'
  10. 'In the opinion of many, Scott remains one of the most underrated artists of his generation.'

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1. to rate or evaluate too low; underestimate.

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"husbands can be underrated in jobs."

"virtues can be underrated."

"people can be underrated."

"geniuses can be underrated."

"writers can be underrated."

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