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Insufficiently qualified for a particular job.
  1. 'Not that anything catastrophic happened, mind you, but I felt extremely underqualified to handle some of the things these kids were doing.'
  2. 'The underqualified will have to direct their efforts into jobs that do not require qualifications.'
  3. 'Earth science either is not taught in schools or is taught by underqualified teachers, so students have little awareness of geoscience or jobs in the field, and we lose bright students to biology, chemistry, and physics.'
  4. 'Interviewees indicated that less able children were unlikely to learn in overcrowded schools with underqualified teachers.'
  5. 'Okay if anyone agrees with any of my very underqualified but intensely heartfelt, and passionate, article, please write back and tell me if you somehow agree.'
  6. 'At the high skill end, some appear underqualified because they have learnt on the job over a number of years.'
  7. 'It's precisely the kind of job I'm interested in (and was applying for this summer) - I'm not unqualified by any stretch, just a tad underqualified by the specifics of this particular job announcement.'
  8. 'I think the problem here is that these conservative scholars are afraid of being regarded as underqualified.'
  9. 'The strength of the college's partnerships, as well as its collaboration with the local workforce development board, has made employment possible for many students, especially previously underqualified adult workers.'
  10. 'I'm in desperate need of a new job, and have an interview for a great position (which honestly, I'm a tad underqualified for) at an incredibly cool company tomorrow.'


1. having the qualities, accomplishments, etc., that fit a person for some function, office, or the like.

2. having the qualities, accomplishments, etc., required by law or custom for getting, having, or exercising a right, holding an office, or the like.

3. modified, limited, or restricted in some way: a qualified endorsement.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be underqualified."