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Lacking sufficient mechanical, electrical, or other power.
  1. 'Never overlook the significance of a power supply - an underpowered system will be prone not only to unreliable operation, but also to component damage.'
  2. 'Small, nimble, and underpowered for many jobs, the 480-horsepower tug burns little fuel and draws only five feet of water, two feet less than most small tugs.'
  3. 'Half an hour late, the train staggers out of the station, dangerously overcrowded, and totally underpowered.'
  4. 'If your land is too hilly, an underpowered tractor may not be able to climb the slopes.'
  5. 'Smaller, inexperienced contractors sometimes bring undersized or underpowered bargain-basement tools wholly mismatched for the task.'


1. (of a machine, vehicle, etc.) having a specified fuel or prime mover: a gasoline-powered engine; an engine-powered pump.

More examples(as adjective)

"servings can be underpowered."

"complexes can be underpowered."

"policies can be underpowered."

"people can be underpowered."