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Having an insufficient or very small population.
  1. 'Until recently, Africa was one of the most underpopulated continents.'
  2. 'All we had to do was pipe water from the underpopulated, rain-rich North to the populous but parched South.'
  3. 'In spite of these imperfections, the book is an important addition to an underpopulated genre of science books: It critically examines both sides of interesting, important, and unsettled arguments.'
  4. 'Ann and James invited me to one of those plush, underpopulated screening rooms in midtown with seats so comfortable that they ruin the local theater by comparison.'
  5. 'Meeting and mixing with people you first met and mixed with in the students' union is symptomatic of underpopulated nations.'
  6. 'Depicting underpopulated picturesque rustic scenes had become commonplace by the 17th century.'
  7. 'The population is crowded together in towns on tiny plots of land, while much of the open land is underpopulated and underused.'
  8. 'Even though much of the film takes place in the sunny metropolis of Los Angeles (with the rest happening in San Fransisco), it is curiously underpopulated (for the most part).'
  9. 'Uruguay was created in an underpopulated borderland between Brazil and Argentina.'


1. having a population lower than is normal or desirable.

More examples(as adjective)

"towns can be underpopulated."

"places can be underpopulated."

"grounds can be underpopulated."

"countries can be underpopulated."