Adjective "underplayed" definition and examples

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Perform (something) in a restrained way.
  1. 'It required that I act just ‘perfect’, overacting or even underplaying the role would have ruined the effect of the film.'
  2. 'He is a master of understatement; all of his actors underplay their parts.'
  3. 'He wisely underplays his role, evoking a man of deep contradictions.'
  4. 'The more she underplays her singing, the better the results.'
  5. 'He underplays the role at times, but really gives the movie a boost when he is on screen.'
  6. 'This is no different; the guy just knows how to underplay a role and spit out brilliant one-liners.'
  7. 'She is suitably endearing, though that is due to her natural looks and good sense in underplaying her role.'
  8. 'He underplays the role, but that is what was required.'
Represent (something) as being less important than it really is.
  1. 'The point is important and is sometimes underplayed; it is well made in this volume too.'
  2. 'The film's greatest strength is that it takes classic elements like perpetual rainfall and creepy subterranean settings and underplays them.'
  3. 'And yet, we believe that these movements have tended to underplay or even deny a very important dimension of human life - the spiritual dimension.'
  4. 'I knew he'd underplay the role he's had in the project.'
  5. 'Oddly, the report tried to underplay these important factors.'

More definitions

1. to act (a part) sketchily.

2. to act subtly and restrainedly.

3. to understate or de-emphasize; downplay: The ambassador underplayed his role in the peace negotiations. verb (used without object)

4. to leave out of one's acting all subtlety and enriching detail.

5. to achieve an effect in acting with a minimum of emphasis.

More examples(as adjective)

"names can be underplayed on labels."

"reactions can be underplayed in views."

"names can be underplayed."

"reactions can be underplayed."