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A lower part of something.
  1. 'Adults have brown upperparts and buff-white underparts with a brownish breast band of short streaks.'
  2. 'The underparts of males and females are white, and breeding adults have buffy-orange plumage on the head and neck.'
  3. 'Crowned pigeons (subfamily Gourinae) are grey with pink or chestnut underparts and a white wing patch.'
  4. 'Killdeers have brown upperparts, white underparts, and orange rumps.'
  5. 'Their underparts are mostly white, except for barring and striations along the rear of the birds.'
  6. 'It flew like an accipiter, and as it went over I saw its gray head and reddish underparts.'
  7. 'The bird's upper body and wings are black or dark grey, and its underparts are white.'
  8. 'They are glossy black except for white markings on their face and underparts, with a tufted tail and slight mane.'
  9. 'As well as the characteristic white ring around the eye, they usually have green plumage with white, yellow or greyish underparts.'
  10. 'They have black throats and breasts and light gray cheeks and underparts.'

More definitions

1. the lower part or side: The underpart of the plane's fuselage scraped the treetops.

2. an auxiliary or secondary part or role.

More examples(as adjective)

"fulvouses can be underpart."

"blacks can be underpart."