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Draw a line under (a word or phrase) to give emphasis or indicate special type.
  1. 'Copy the articles or excerpts by hand underlining those words and phrases that you think are significant in the creation of mood and/or atmosphere.'
  2. 'I have underlined the words in both passages upon which Mr Scott places emphasis.'
  3. 'Sometimes she would underline words, sentences, or passages.'
  4. 'I agree with not underlining in dialogue, but I disagree with authors not underlining words they wish to emphasise at all.'
  5. 'For some that meant moving from writing each idea on a separate line to using headers and underlining vocabulary words.'
  6. 'Please indicate italics by underlining and indicate boldface by drawing a wavy line beneath the affected characters.'
  7. 'He spent a great deal of time writing on his legal pad and aggressively underlining whatever he was writing.'
  8. 'the improvement in retail sales was underlined by these figures'
  9. '‘No more going home to an empty flat and no more dinners for one,’ he said, underlining his delight at being based at home again with his wife and two sons.'
  10. 'Almost week-in and week-out, aunt Maureen is always underlining her credentials as one of the most, if not the only, complete female performer on the local front.'
  11. 'These are impressive figures by any standard and underline the overall importance of this sector.'
  12. 'Recently leaders took part in a child protection training course, underlining the vital importance placed on ensuring the safety of all those youngsters who avail of the facilities.'
  13. 'These shocking figures underline the need for the public to reduce, reuse and recycle.'
  14. 'I think that it's important to start by underlining the important distinction between practice at the society scale and at the individual scale.'
  15. 'I have also written to the head of the record company to convey my disgust and to underline that material like this must not be put on sale again.'
  16. 'This is good news for the consumer, underlining the importance of shopping around for the best quote.'
  17. 'Nevertheless, the sale seemed to underline their minor status.'
  18. 'These figures underline the fact that we are in the great boom in advertising for years, much greater than anything seen in 1999-2000.'


A line drawn under a word or phrase, especially for emphasis.
  1. 'Do you find yourself avoiding the use of underlines in real life because they look like hyperlinks?'
  2. 'Then this morning the underlines were gone and hyperlinks were in a bright blue.'
  3. 'Take this familiar experience: spell a word wrongly in your word processor and you see a wavy red underline appear under the word.'
  4. 'Some designers will change the color of links and remove the underline.'
The line of the lower part of an animal's body.

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    1. to mark with a line or lines underneath; underscore.

    2. to indicate the importance of; emphasize, as by stressing or italicizing. noun

    3. Printing. a caption under an illustration.

    4. a line drawn under something; an underscore.

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    "valours can be underlining."

    "times can be underlining."

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