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Place something under (something else), especially to support or raise it.
  1. 'the synth arpeggios start, underlaid by a lovely theme on bass'
  2. 'Elsa asked curiously, her voice underlaid with a hint of worry.'
  3. 'The room smelled predominantly of the alcohol, but was underlaid with the smell of stew, which did wonders to improve my attitude towards the inn.'
  4. 'It was a woman's voice: quiet, controlled, underlaid with an odd note of entreaty.'
  5. 'I took vengeful joy in the smattering of boos that underlaid the applause, though.'
  6. 'We, as a society, have a tendency to blame children for the behaviors that they display, rather than attempting to understand what may underlay their actions.'
  7. '‘Cause my knees are killing me and if we could move to the sofa I'd really appreciate it,’ his words were lighthearted but his concern underlaid them.'
  8. 'A common culture, calendar, and mythology held the civilisation together and astronomy played an important part in the religion which underlay the whole life of the people.'
  9. 'There were profound political issues that underlay our choices about what we sang, and what we did and why we did it.'
  10. 'The report has been criticized for its optimism, but reflects clearly the views on language which underlay the moves to a mass, comprehensive system of schooling through the 1960s - 70s.'
  11. 'But she was much less interested in counseling people than in understanding what underlay their need for counseling, she recalls.'


Something placed under or behind something else, especially material laid under a carpet for protection or support.
  1. 'a polka-dot skirt with net underlay'
  2. 'The company recovers tyres from collectors and shreds them before selling the result as either lining for landfill sites or rubber crumb for all weather sports surfaces and carpet backing and underlay.'
  3. 'The senior lecturer in environmental acoustics at the university, said the team will be looking at how to recycle old carpets into underlay.'
  4. 'For bathrooms, consider putting cork underlay on the walls.'
  5. 'Pavements especially had a thick carpet of white, concealing an underlay of frozen Teflon.'
  6. 'That underlay has now been surfaced with bitumen and chippings and has improved the structure and surface of the road.'
  7. 'Bizarrely, the underlay can only be delivered on a weekday, but I can pick that up after work.'
  8. 'It can cover wood floors in poor condition, and with the proper underlay, it can cover concrete floors.'
  9. 'But when I came to move in, the underlay had been taken up, and there were four tiles missing from the hall and more from the living room.'
The manner in which the words are fitted to the notes of a piece of vocal music.
  1. 'Furnishing a secure, seamless underlay is, of course, the composer's role.'

    More definitions

    1. to lay under or beneath.

    2. to provide with something laid underneath; raise or support with something laid underneath: The manufacturer underlays the chrome finish with a zinc coating.

    3. to extend across the bottom of. noun

    4. something underlaid.

    5. Printing. a piece or pieces of paper put under type or cuts to bring them to the proper height for printing.

    More examples(as adjective)

    "repercussions can be underlay."


    Old English underlecgan (see under-, lay).