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Beneath the surface of the ground.
  1. 'Normal, everyday potholes are just cracks in the surface, but in this case an underground tunnel is shifting - and the problem can reach many feet underground.'
  2. 'Rescue operations can be lengthy and often members spend hours underground and on the surface in cold and wet conditions.'
  3. 'After nearly an hour underground we returned to the surface, back to normality.'
  4. 'I looked around the fascinating light rail station there - hundreds of feet underground - then had a cup of split pea soup at the Zoo cafe.'
  5. 'The damaged section of the Metro tunnel, nearly 30 metres underground, was sealed off by huge reinforced concrete walls.'
  6. 'The groundwater table for our drinking water supply is 180 metres underground and is dropping by one meter every year due to our unsustainable consumption.'
  7. 'The water then collects underground to emerge at various spots in the Maligne Canyon some 20 km away, another 425 metre descent.'
  8. 'The tunnels will be bored from the Seymour site with a computer-guided boring machine that will tunnel through bedrock up to 200 metres underground.'
  9. 'At least there are vending machines underground.'
  10. 'However, these pipes could easily be buried underground and where they come to the surface they could be lagged so as to prevent freezing.'
  11. 'many were forced to go underground by the government'
  12. 'Not only would this drive its members and sympathisers underground, it would have a major impact on the organisation's ability to raise funds.'
  13. 'You know, just in case I might really need to go underground some day.'
  14. 'Harsh persecution pushed many underground and into rural hideaways.'
  15. 'The state, like much of the nation as a whole, had a long history of underground industrial activity, especially in times of civil and military conflict.'


Situated beneath the surface of the ground.
  1. 'It has been reveal that plans for an underground bus park, beneath the current bingo hall, is one of the options currently in the melting pot.'
  2. 'Instead, Derick noted as he looked down, small tracks of underground root-like stems ran along the earth beneath their feet.'
  3. 'More than 100 years after Londoners got the Tube and Parisians a Metro, Dubliners are set to get their own underground public transport system.'
  4. 'While the city has since lost much of its lustre, our rubber-wheeled underground public transportation system remains something still worth showing off.'
  5. 'They claim to have concerns that such a mass influx of people into wildlife areas will disrupt animal mating, damage flora and poison underground freshwater sources.'
  6. 'When asked was he concerned about a gas pipeline, he replied: ‘Because it is underground it did not concern us.’'
  7. 'The platform, which will be located on the south side of the station, will allow passengers to enter the platform without having to use the underground subway beneath the other three platforms.'
  8. 'It's proposed to extend the existing car park and to provide underground car parking beneath the rear of the cinema.'
  9. 'The grounds will incorporate a courtyard and underground car parking facilities.'
  10. 'An amazing labyrinth of underground tunnels that lie beneath the surface of Liverpool's Edge Hill district has been intriguing the city's population for generations.'
  11. 'Czech underground literature'
  12. 'An underground group of renegade democrats are attempting to establish a free election to determine the fate of their country.'
  13. 'If the worst happens, I'll start an underground blogging movement with secret servers in people's attics.'
  14. 'She also discovers the existence of a subversive underground nationalist organization.'
  15. 'You must be willing to be part of this secret underground movement.'
  16. 'He became an underground activist when he was a 20 year old student.'
  17. 'You're lying, they were told - wasn't he a part of some secret underground resistance cell?'
  18. 'The French retaliated by forming an underground resistance movement.'
  19. 'In early 1861, underground resistance and open defiance were rampant in that state.'
  20. 'He even argued with anarchist friends for the establishment of an underground organisation to continue illegal anti-war propaganda once conflict broke out.'
  21. 'I had read in the reports that there was a resistance movement, an underground resistance movement.'
  22. 'Representing the young generation of photographers she presented her documentation of the underground art world.'
  23. 'Their latest album is one of the most captivating albums around and has created a buzz in the underground music scene.'
  24. 'Having been involved in underground music and arts scenes, I came into the game late.'
  25. 'The campaign's first round of ads were subtle, and looked more like they were introducing a new band or an underground art project than a health message.'
  26. 'Within the hip-hop community he is unmatched in the amount of authority and respect he commands among both industry heads and underground artists.'
  27. 'Matthew has vivid memories of one of his first underground experiences.'
  28. 'Certainly, one of the most immediate and popular art forms where underground culture has influenced the mainstream is music and dance.'
  29. 'The subject matter, style and revolutionary nature of the underground art scene of the 60's would forever change the media of the future generations.'
  30. 'He writes about the alternative music scene for an underground magazine, and hangs out with the likes of rappers and punk bands.'
  31. 'Like a record company or an underground art movement, they launched a street team.'


An underground railway, especially the one in London.
  1. 'The Undergrounds were packed like canned sardines.'
  2. 'There's been a call for women-only carriages on London's Underground.'
A group or movement organized secretly to work against an existing regime.
  1. 'The solidarity of the underground was deeper than the fear of secret police my countrymen shared.'
  2. 'In the repressions following 1905, the underground was demoralized by defeat and ideological wrangling.'
  3. 'I know a few people, members of the underground who may be able to help a little, but no one in that class.'
  4. 'the late sixties underground'
  5. 'While it didn't show up in any Billboard charts, the story of 2002's rock and dance undergrounds was the resurgence of post-punk.'
  6. 'The California underground has long been a breeding ground for forward-thinking hip-hop.'


Lay (cables) below ground level.
  1. 'the environment secretary ordered the undergrounding of cables'


1. beneath the surface of the ground: traveling underground by subway.

2. in concealment or secrecy; not openly: subversion carried on underground. adjective

3. existing, situated, operating, or taking place beneath the surface of the ground.

4. used, or for use, underground.

5. hidden or secret; not open: underground political activities.

6. published or produced by political or social radicals or nonconformists: an underground newspaper.

7. avant-garde; experimental:

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"people can be underground in pits."

"hills can be underground after years."

"workers can be underground for times."

"toads can be underground for periods."

"societies can be underground as movements."

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