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A university student who has not yet taken a first degree.
  1. 'What approaches to that study do the teachers of those undergraduates take?'
  2. 'I think urban universities enrol larger numbers of adult undergraduates.'
  3. 'Community colleges enroll almost one half of all undergraduates in the United States each fall.'
  4. 'He invited a few undergraduates from state schools for drinks and discovered many had teacher parents.'
  5. 'He makes a point of hiring undergraduates in addition to the graduate students to work with him on his research.'
  6. 'I first started reading Ulysses in the late 1990s, as an undergraduate at University College Dublin.'
  7. 'Apartments are planned for upper level undergraduates on the north and south fringes of campus.'
  8. 'This is an excellent text, useful for undergraduates and graduate students alike.'
  9. 'Dundee's Caird Hall, the venue for the student enterprise summit, was buzzing with undergraduates and postgrads.'
  10. 'Two thirds of York's undergraduates live in university accommodation.'


Denoting or relating to an undergraduate.
  1. 'undergraduate students'
  2. 'After completing an undergraduate degree in art, history and ethnology in 2006, she has combined studies in social affairs with work for the World Childhood Foundation in Stockholm.'
  3. 'As he approached the end of his remarkable four undergraduate years at MIT he began to think about studying for his doctorate.'
  4. 'St Martin's college offers undergraduate degrees, postgraduate teaching diplomas and professional development.'
  5. 'During my undergraduate years my folks were unemployed so I had support from the local council.'
  6. 'He hopes to read medicine at university but in the summer, before his undergraduate days begin, he plans to build classrooms, help sustainable tourism and see some of Africa too.'


1. a student in a university or college who has not received a first, especially a bachelor's, degree. adjective

2. having the standing of an undergraduate.

3. of, for, pertaining to, or characteristic of undergraduates.

More examples(as adjective)

"programmes can be undergraduate."

"levels can be undergraduate."

"fellowships can be undergraduate."