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Experience or be subjected to (something, typically something unpleasant or arduous)
  1. 'He, however, seemed to have undergone a kind of religious experience during the concert.'
  2. 'Four months later he underwent the life-saving surgery at Wythenshawe Hospital.'
  3. 'The new kitchens and art room are part of a block at the school that has already undergone extensive refurbishment.'
  4. 'Stella undergoes a traumatic experience and must deal with the aftermath.'
  5. 'She added that the British public was mostly unaware of the suffering undergone by the birds.'
  6. 'All the craft have been undergoing a complete overhaul before the final race training begins.'
  7. 'At the time of inspection, the prison was undergoing an extensive building programme.'
  8. 'He coped with the problem for two years before he underwent an operation which effectively cured him.'
  9. 'He did not suffer any broken bones but underwent physiotherapy and took a week off work.'
  10. 'When babies are born, they undergo all sorts of tests to make sure they're fit and healthy.'

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1. to be subjected to; experience; pass through: to undergo surgery.

2. to endure; sustain; suffer: to undergo sustained deprivation.

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"surgeries can be undergoing."

"treatments can be undergoing."

"testings can be undergoing."

"trials can be undergoing."

"tunings can be undergoing."

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(undergo)Old English undergān ‘undermine’ (see under-, go).