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Insufficiently fed or nourished.
  1. 'There should be plenty of thunder left in the powerful arms and lower body he has developed since arriving in America as an underfed teenager with bright eyes and a voracious appetite for success.'
  2. 'Whilst not as stark as rumours suggest it is in the countryside, children in the capital do look quite thin and underfed.'
  3. 'The army was poorly clothed, badly equipped, short on supplies, lacked proper transportation, and was underfed.'
  4. 'His face was round, not fat, but definitely not underfed.'
  5. 'I wondered how his thin, underfed body coped with that kind of work in the hot sun everyday.'
  6. 'On May 12 th he had yet another ailment, probably from being run down and underfed, and missed his class at college due to a sore throat.'
  7. 'The food was sparse and the children were underfed.'
  8. 'There are many more underfed people in the region, but at least this could have filled the stomachs of the most needy and marginalised people.'
  9. 'Some of the dogs are poorly fed or underfed, perhaps because after spending a lot of money to buy them, their owners do not want to spend any more to get them proper food.'
  10. 'The young people of this neighbourhood are underfed, uneducated and looking for a way out.'


1. to feed insufficiently.

2. to feed with fuel from beneath.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be underfed."

"conscripts can be underfed."

"soldiers can be underfed."

"horses can be underfed."

"recruits can be underfed."

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