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Estimate (something) to be smaller or less important than it really is.
  1. 'For a start, many people grossly underestimate the time their project will take and, as a result, jobs either don't get completed or are rushed.'
  2. 'However, I would also add that one should not underestimate the importance of the influence of the editor in getting ideas signed off.'
  3. 'Earlier estimates may simply have underestimated the true cost.'
  4. 'I fear that you're underestimating the size and importance of that segment.'
  5. 'I think so, and I think we're underestimating the importance of this.'
  6. 'The last five years, the government has been grossly underestimating its revenue, steadily.'
  7. 'Some of the author's analysis is rather basic but there are also some important insights, although the author on occasion underestimates their significance.'
  8. 'Comedy aside, don't underestimate the seriousness with which these people take their tasks.'
  9. 'This grossly underestimates the fixed costs involved in running a CD manufacturing plant.'
  10. 'Therefore it is important not to underestimate the replacement value of everything inside your house that is not fixed to the walls.'
  11. 'he had underestimated the new President'
  12. 'I'm not underestimating him and I'm not overestimating him.'
  13. 'However, he knew he would not be satisfied until every person paid for underestimating him.'
  14. 'If his victory over them was unexpected and astonishing to many, it was because they underestimated him.'
  15. 'She has fought her fair share of demons and to underestimate her now would prove a serious error of judgement.'
  16. 'Although perhaps I'm underestimating her - perhaps she has this effect on everyone.'
  17. 'I mean, the people who underestimate him are the same people who underestimated the former mayor.'
  18. 'My father had always underestimated him, always mistaken his kind nature for weakness.'
  19. 'In fact, he'd already decided this was one woman who did her best to make people underestimate her.'
  20. 'People who worked for Casey soon learned to underestimate him at their own peril.'
  21. 'The president made a mistake in underestimating me.'


An estimate that is too low.
  1. 'Officials admit that the figures are an underestimate, as they are based on incident reports from soldiers with incomplete information.'
  2. 'Nobody knows for sure how many copies have been sold around the world, but 100 million is probably an underestimate.'
  3. 'Nevertheless, this is still an underestimate, because it doesn't consider all the factors.'
  4. 'This can be considered as minimum as there appears to be underestimates on costs due to some uncertainties.'
  5. 'The government's statistics on the quantity of fish being exported should be considered gross underestimates.'
  6. 'Even this figure is considered an underestimate as the government has never provided definite numbers for Scotland.'
  7. 'The latest figures show Britons leave at least £50m a year in restaurants, though this may be a gross underestimate.'
  8. 'Even this could be an underestimate: independent engineers suggest that it shouldn't have cost more than £15m.'

More definitions

1. to estimate at too low a value, rate, or the like. verb (used without object), underestimated, underestimating.

2. to make an estimate lower than that which would be correct. noun

3. an estimate that is too low.

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"standards can be underestimate."

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"plans can be underestimate."

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