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(of a person) not having enough paid work or not doing work that makes full use of their skills and abilities.
  1. 'Some migrants reported that they were underemployed and did not work at the level for which training had prepared them.'
  2. 'The name isn't important, but since I'm an underemployed historian, I'll use subtext because these words are about all I have to show for my education.'
  3. 'Mr. Berry's closing submission goes some way towards recognizing that Larry is now underemployed.'
  4. 'They're underemployed, and yet they make some of the best employees because they're grateful for the jobs.'
  5. 'These underemployed immigrants work in jobs as foodstand operators, baby-sitters, or waitresses either in family-run restaurants or in the catering trade.'
  6. 'He worries, if the high-paying jobs move offshore, that could leave him and other workers permanently underemployed.'


1. employed at a job that does not fully use one's skills or abilities.

2. employed only part-time when one is available for full-time work.

3. not utilized fully. noun

4. underemployed workers collectively.

More examples(as adjective)

"percents can be underemployed."

"people can be underemployed."

"workers can be underemployed."

"countries can be underemployed."

"stills can be underemployed."

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