Adjective "underdressed" definition and examples

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Dress too plainly or too informally.
  1. 'She felt too underdressed in her jeans and sweatshirt.'
  2. 'I felt rather underdressed in my black woolly jumper.'
  3. 'Plus, keep in mind that, as a general rule, you are always better off being slightly overdressed rather than underdressed, whatever the occasion.'
  4. 'And remember; when in doubt, it's usually better to be overdressed than underdressed.'
  5. 'The man was wearing a suit, which made Josh feel underdressed in his dirty old jeans and jean jacket to match.'
  6. 'I felt terribly underdressed, in only a sweater and khaki's; I wished she had told me this was going to be formal dining.'
  7. 'Christina felt unbelievably underdressed in her worn jeans and high school sweatshirt.'
  8. 'I had never felt so dressed up and underdressed at the same time.'
  9. 'Today, he said, it probably means a lounge suit but, he warned, always be overdressed rather than underdressed.'
  10. 'This is a neighborhood where you feel underdressed if you're not wearing a coat and tie to walk the dog.'

More definitions

1. to clothe oneself less completely or formally than is usual or fitting for the circumstances. noun

2. garments worn beneath others; underclothes.

3. a slip, petticoat, or other underskirt, especially one designed to be seen when worn, as beneath a redingote.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be underdressed."