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A competitor thought to have little chance of winning a fight or contest.
  1. 'A gentleman genius, who fought for the underdog and played truly inspirational music.'
  2. 'Denis was the underdog, but the tide of the fight soon turned against the heavily favored Suzuki.'
  3. 'We go into the game as underdogs but it's a great opportunity for the players to go out and enjoy the game.'
  4. 'We went into this game as complete underdogs but produced a performance of grit and determination in true championship fashion.'
  5. 'It's always enjoyable to watch a story where an underdog has to fight incredible odds to win.'
  6. 'We are all on the same side, underdogs fighting against social and environmental oppression.'
  7. 'My vote was giving the underdog a chance; it was a sympathy vote.'
  8. 'You were the underdog in this fight, at least to those people who didn't really know you as a boxer.'
  9. 'Hopefully we will continue to be supported, though people have to remember that, even after two victories, we are still underdogs in every game.'
  10. 'Then even the most tired plot device of all can work: the underdog fighting all odds to win.'
  11. 'what is it like to be an underdog in America?'
  12. 'Everyone loves an underdog, and this movie has a quartet of them.'
  13. 'Maybe it's because he's an underdog living in an well-adjusted, mentally balanced society.'
  14. 'Despite the instant attention they got in the UK, they enjoyed their underdog status in the US.'

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1. a person who is expected to lose in a contest or conflict.

2. a victim of social or political injustice: The underdogs were beginning to organize their protests.

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"stocks can be underdog."

"roles can be underdog."

"greens can be underdog."

"candidates can be underdog."

"teams can be underdog."

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Late 19th century: with reference to the beaten dog in a dogfight.